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Digitalise your Real Estate​ & Property Management Operation

OSOS offers tailored solutions to address the complexities of the real estate industry, providing comprehensive tools to streamline operations and maximize efficiency. Real estate management involves diverse processes that require seamless coordination and meticulous attention to detail. OSOS provides specialized solutions to simplify these processes and ensure optimal performance.

Given the significance of regulatory compliance and client satisfaction, OSOS solutions are designed to meet stringent standards and deliver exceptional experiences. Moreover, implementing and managing real estate software demands specialized expertise, a requirement fulfilled by OSOS's team of experienced professionals. Here are some of the solutions crafted to cater to the unique requirements of the Real Estate industry.

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Complexity in Operations

Real estate and property management operations involve diverse processes, including property acquisition, leasing, maintenance, and tenant management, which require seamless coordination and attention to detail.

Solution: OSOS offers a suite of specialized tools that streamline these processes, from property acquisition to tenant management. These tools enhance operational efficiency, improve communication, and ensure smooth workflows.

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The real estate industry is subject to stringent regulations related to property management, lease agreements, and tenant rights, which vary across regions and jurisdictions.

Solution: OSOS provides compliance management solutions that help real estate companies track and adhere to regulatory requirements. These solutions ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, minimizing the risk of legal issues and penalties.

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Implementing and managing real estate software requires specialized expertise due to the industry's unique requirements and challenges.

Solution: OSOS's team of experienced professionals possesses deep industry knowledge and expertise in real estate software. They offer specialized services to help real estate companies implement and manage software solutions, ensuring optimal performance and client satisfaction.

Elevating Real Estate Management Solutions

OSOS Solutions redefines real estate management with tailored solutions for streamlined operations and exceptional client experiences. From compliance management to operational efficiency, Osos Solutions empowers real estate professionals to navigate complexities and deliver unparalleled results in the dynamic real estate market.

Our Products


OSOS PropRP automates real estate management leasing, maintenance, finances with analytics for insightful, efficient operations and improved tenant satisfaction.


ERP software streamlines core business processes through integrated modules for finance, HR, supply chain, and more on a central platform.


OSOS HRMS manages all HR functions employee data, leave, expenses, payroll, attendance tailored for diverse industry needs.

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