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OSOS Payroll

OSOS Payroll automates payroll for businesses with features like tax calculations, direct deposit, and compliance reporting.

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OSOS Tender Portal

OSOS Tender Portal simplifies tendering process for organizations with tools to manage the entire lifecycle and streamline workflows.

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OSOS PTW (Permit to Work)

OSOS PTW enhances safety and compliance by managing permits, conducting risk assessments, and monitoring work activities.

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OSOS LMS offers flexible and scalable training solutions for organizations, including e-learning, compliance training, and analytics.

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OSOS Project Management

OSOS Project Management simplifies project planning, execution & monitoring with Gantt charts, task dependencies and collaboration tools.

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OSOS DMS simplifies document management with secure storage, version control, collaboration, search, and access control features.

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OSOS Helpdesk

OSOS Helpdesk streamlines customer support with ticket creation, self-service options, and knowledge base integration.

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OSOS Succession Planning

OSOS Succession Planning identifies and develops future leaders, creating a strategic succession plan for key roles.

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OSOS Recruitment Portal

OSOS Recruitment Portal streamlines hiring with job posting, applicant tracking, interview scheduling, and reporting tools.

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OSOS Journey Management Planning

OSOS Journey Management Planning ensures safe work travel by providing a comprehensive framework for planning, risk assessment, and incident reporting.

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OSOS Strategic Outsourcing

OSOS Strategic Outsourcing optimizes outsourcing strategy for businesses to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance service quality.

Lime for Financial Services

Lime is an internal digital assistant for enterprise businesses that streamlines omnichannel workflows based on customer attributes.

StemeXe from Exceed

Enhance your business processes with this innovative business management solution. https://www.stemexe.com/pages/products

Liferay Customer Portals


Liferay Enterprise-Grade Websites


Liferay Digital Commerce

Pagero E-Invoicing

Mindteck Resource Augmentation

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OSOS Procurement

OSOS Procurement streamlines business procurement processes with interconnected request and order transactions, enhancing efficiency.

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OSOS Sourcing Management

OSOS Sourcing Management streamlines tender process and manages supplier affairs, including purchase orders and invoicing.

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OSOS Supplier Portal

OSOS Supplier Portal streamlines supplier processes, enhances communication and collaboration, and improves procurement efficiency.

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OSOS Inventory Management

OSOS Inventory Management optimizes inventory levels, tracks stock movements, and reduces costs for businesses with warehousing and storage functions.