An innovative Fleet Management and In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) designed to optimize the management and monitoring of vehicle feets for businesses. Focused on enhancing efciency and safety, OSOS FleetRP provides a suite of tools for real-time vehicle tracking, maintenance scheduling, driver behavior monitoring, and fuel consumption analysis.

Through its user-friendly dashboard, feet operators gain immediate insights into critical data, enabling swift, informed decision-making to boost operational efciency. OSOS FleetRP supports businesses in ensuring regulatory compliance, reducing operational expenses, and elevating service quality. Ideal for both modest-sized and extensive logistics operations, OSOS FleetRP empowers feet excellence and environmental stewardship.

Key Features

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OSOS’s FleetRP solution to the needs of your business

OSOS FleetRP optimizes fleet management and safety with tools for tracking, maintenance, and fuel analysis, enhancing efficiency and compliance


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