Osos EduRP is a comprehensive Education ERP solution tailored to meet the unique needs of K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. Our tightly integrated modules streamline business operations across various departments, including finance and accounting, human resources, fee payments, and more.

EduRP, focuses on managing student-related data via its Student Information System (SIS) such as registration, admission to graduation including grades, attendance, and schedules. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) handles financial and Supply Chain Management. HRMS (Human Resources Management System), oversees all aspects of human resource management, including staff management, leave, payroll and other functions.

Key Features

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OSOS’s EduRP solution to the needs of your business

EduRP automates various administrative tasks such as enrollment management, attendance tracking, and financial transactions. This automation reduces manual workload and streamlines processes, leading to increased operational efficiency and time savings for staff.


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